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Home Insurance

Primary Coverages

We offer a comprehensive set of coverages to protect your home and your family. Once you start a quote, we’ll recommend to you the appropriate amount of insurance needed for your home by calculating property and building construction information from multiple databases.

  • Dwelling

    Protect your dwelling (place of residence such as a house or townhouse) including what’s attached to the dwelling such as a garage. You’ll be protected against untimely events such as wind, hail, fire and theft.

  • Loss of use

    Any increase in living expenses and lodging will be covered in case there is damage to your home and you cannot stay there while it is being repaired. You won’t have to be dependent on anyone.

  • Other structures

    Protect structures on your property, such as a detached garage, driveway, patio, fence, gazebo, small shed or barn. We include coverage for these types of structures in every policy at no extra cost.

  • Liability

    In the event that a claim is made or a suit is brought against you for property damages or bodily injury, your policy will cover these costs up to the amount of this coverage you select to carry.

  • Contents

    Have peace of mind knowing that your personal property such as furniture, TVs, computers and laptops are covered in case something should happen to them, while they are anywhere in the world.

  • Medical payments

    Your policy will cover necessary medical expenses (up to the amount of this coverage you select to carry) incurred in the event there is an accident at your home causing bodily injury to someone else.

Optional coverages

  • Additional dwelling coverage

    Provides an additional 25% of Dwelling Coverage to be used when a loss exceeds the amount of Dwelling Coverage you select to carry. It’s extra reinforcements, to be used if needed.

  • Law and ordinance

    When repairing or rebuilding your home, this coverage helps pay for additional construction costs needed to comply with updated building codes. Your policy can cover up to 50% of these costs.

  • Personal property replacement

    If your property such as furniture, computers and TVs get damaged, this coverage will replace those items at their full value (as if they were new). It’s an enhanced form of contents coverage.

  • Additional contents coverage

    Specify additional amounts of Contents Coverage for categories of items such as jewelry, watches, silverware, goldware, pewterware furs, firearms and portable electronics.

  • Insurance on individual items

    Insure a specific piece of jewelry, artwork, family heirloom etc. These items tend to be of high value and/or are not easily replaceable.

  • Water back up

    Provides coverage for damage caused by water that backs up through sewers or drains.

  • Mechanical breakdown

    Provides coverage to be used for mechanical breakdowns to household appliances located on the property.

  • Refrigerated property

    Provides coverage towards refrigerated property in the event of a power outage.

  • Debris removal

    Helps pay for costs to remove debris caused by events such as wind, hail and fire.

  • Personal injury

    Provides an amount of coverage to use if you are sued for personal injury to someone. Examples of personal injury are false arrest, malicious prosecution, wrongful eviction, slander or libel.

  • Animal liability

    Use a portion of the policy’s Liability Coverage and up to the full amount of Medical Payments Coverage in the event of bodily injury to someone else caused by animals kept at the property.

  • Structures rented to others

    If you have a guest house or similar structure on your property that you rent to others, this will extend coverage to that additional structure.


Save year after year with policy discounts. Don’t worry if you do not currently have a qualifying burglar or fire alarm. Install them at a later date and we’ll add the credit to your policy. Even making heating, plumbing and electrical updates down the road can save you money on your policy.

  • Burglar alarm

    Save money with an alarm that alerts the policy directly or one that is monitored by a third party who alerts the police.

  • Fire sprinklers

    Some homes and buildings may have sprinklers that go off automatically when a fire is detected.

  • Age of home

    Replace your roof and/or make qualifying heating, plumbing and electrical updates to save money on your policy.

  • Building code

    We’ll access the building codes of your property to find out if they are current enough to qualify for a discount.

  • Fire alarm

    Save money with an alarm that alerts the fire dept. directly or one that is monitored by a third party who alerts the fire dept.

  • Updates

    Replace your roof and/or make qualifying heating, plumbing and electrical updates to save money on your policy.

  • Prior insurance

    You can save money by simply having prior home, condo or renters insurance for where you live now.

  • Hail resistant material

    Hail resistant roof material is a stronger and more flexible roof material used to reduce and even prevent damage from hail.